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Tradita ancora una volta la Romagna. Sulle Camere di Commercio della Romagna una decisione che non rispecchia la volontà dei piccoli e medi imprenditori

Tradita ancora una volta la Romagna. Sulle Camere di Commercio della Romagna una decisione che non rispecchia la volontà dei piccoli e medi imprenditori

When the Regional Assembly of Emilia Romagna approved the reorganization of the institutional law, many have seen unfold, finally, the ability to give shape to a strong socio-economic hub of Romagna, a designer to


a new unified vision between the territories of Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena and Rimini.
By using the above mentioned words of the Mayor of Cesena, Paolo Lucchi, who is the immediate proponent of a project development unit, "you could open, short, the horizon to build together, through a federative pact, the future of Romagna".
Prime city of Cesena, has directly urged the world economy to have an active role in this internship of institution-building, Which is expected to close by year-end, Indicating the five priority areas on which to sign up by:
1) The infrastructure policies, from 'high speed at E45;
2) The planning strategies, focusing on a development model to zero consumption of the territory;
3) The unified management of the promotion and growth of the tourism sector;
4) The joint exercise by the public authorities has the practical administrative simplification radicals, making the best use of the latest technologies.
5) The basic choices related to local taxation.
Since they are our goals for some time, no trouble, by the Romagnolo system of Confesercenti, to conclude from the first moment, the foundations of this path and purpose.
Because, in the same period of time, it was Realized the magical alignment of the stars of the urgent reconstruction of the Chambers of Commerce system, partly self-determined, but above all stimulated by Renzi government harshly, it seemed to open up to wide road and logically viable, long Which could eventually reshape a unitary territorial framework.
In size, the Large Area, which replaces the provinces and incardinated with the system of Chambers of Commerce of Rooms Ravenna, Forlì, Cesena and Rimini, from life, finally to a Romagna governable and compacted.
The three Chambers of Commerce, as provided by law, can be merged into a single Chamber of Commerce of Romagna, all for the benefit of a community that, being Romagna has made a powerful distinguishing factor, positive and never discriminated.
All so logical and sensible to Seem clear, except that, once again, for the umpteenth time, cloying way Showed the lack of foresight of certain elites of this territory, Their anchorage to overcome schemes and the past.
Often, unfortunately, even in this part of the country, we find the existence of a difficult wall to climb, can block the path of common sense, to bend the public interest, especially the interest.
The wall, which runs through our entire social custom, is composed of a ruling class choice, not for merit-based criteria, but for the ability to network and to be Particularly gifted in the flouting of its counterparts.
In this context, the chronic inability of the chamber system, to communicate the many supporting utilities in the real economy of our communities, which means the fate of Chambers of Commerce, is evaluated with indifference by most of our entrepreneurs and left among the last That give Importance of the issues and to watch out for, thus giving ample room for action to Those Who are rather careful in understanding the impact and value.
It is a non-fatal error, but very serious, as the Chambers of Commerce are now the only institution where Representatives of trade associations can express their will by force and affect the economic reality of our communities, not only in the services I have made but, for example, by deciding the policy of support to consortia, for credit to small and medium-sized enterprises, or through the presence in the investees, which determines major phases of territorial development.
That said, one has to wonder how it will be possible to recover the obvious gap between the role of Chambers of Commerce and their perceived uselessness among the entrepreneurs, when, as in this case, it happens a great value this opportunity to Enhance the Value and the positive aspects and it happens That instead of moving with linear logic, the Representatives of trade associations produces a bizarre decision to say the least, if not incomprehensible.
Doing the right thing at the right time, at this internship, meant to favor a process of fusion of Commerce in Romagna size rooms, finally in harmony with an institutional address, That of large areas.
It meant and still means for us, to make a choice That Can Strengthen Control Room with Clear Benefits and Specific Economic, Administrative, Cultural.
The responsibility for the failure to implement, so far, of this path, falls almost Entirely, on the vertex of the Chamber of Commerce of Ravenna, who for more than a year has largely prevented this logic and a reasoned solution, not least taking in account of the desire Expressed Repeatedly and the resolutions taken by the Chambers of Directors of Forlì, Cesena and Rimini, oriented to a single Chamber of Commerce of Romagna, continuing to declare itself available only in wanting to pursued as a case of merger to four, That in Additions to the three Chambers of Commerce of Romagna, Also foresaw the enlargement of the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara.
Hypothesis, however, that did not have any membership.
All this, without the Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara, has never taken a decision in favor of this option, while, Examined, such hypotheses, three possible opportunities, ie merge with Bologna, Modena merge with or merge with Ravenna ... .
The unraveling of this irritating situation, however, has been initiated and would affect two Chambers of Commerce, to Forlì and Cesena That, however very Likely, now has some internships since the merger in Romagna dimension of Rimini, Which in the meantime have started the path, deliberating in Their Respective Chambers Councils.
In close relation, the Confesercenti of Romagna, which has long, even through this periodical, move in a cohesive way, have, in recent months, been the voice of common sense and the tangible common feeling, that is a commitment given to the merger could Reached in a single Chamber of Commerce of Romagna.
We did know Because we were like the right way to create the conditions to represent the best interests of our entrepreneurs and we neededlessly insisted as it seemed fairly logical, move together, in relation to the nascent Wide Area.
Seemed there, and Seems To us, the most exciting and productive at the Adriatic dimension tools, useful to Demonstrate our vitality and our desire to be The Protagonists of the restart, hoped, the economy of our country.
We're sure That's how it was supposed to go, so we're sure That she was going to decide if they were small and medium entrepreneurs from Romagna.
We do not believe in miracles, but to the repute Often, not always, in the minds of most men, you turn on the light of reason, That we trust in the reopening of a common table this is a result of a joint initiative taken by some associations, including ours, which we consider separately in the newspaper. Modafinil